December 7th, 2009

50000 of smut

Nothing to see here

Yep. Been poking around my journal this morning and I really haven't written anything but silliness since 2007/2008. I guess because my life has gotten full. Oh, I still waste massive amounts of time at work, but it is on short mindless activities like Facebook or the random silly post here.

Where has all the writting gone? (Sung to Where have all the Flowers Gone)

To Clean or Not To Clean

I have a lot of old posts that are either eyes only or filtered. I wrote these posts at times when I was doing very badly for various reasons. Truth be told, I really don't want to go back and read them. They are very depressing and bring up old feelings better left in the past.

I'm seriously considering deleting them, but I hesitate. Should I keep them to see where I have been and how far I have come? Should I delete them and be done with the past? Both ideas have merit.

I'm a pack-rat and a hoarder by nature. What do you guys do with your old posts? Do you keep them for posterity or occasionally clean house?


Well, it's time for the Christmas icon. It's a shame you can't see over the edge of the picture. I keep trying though...Then there's this one of Liam Neeson walking out of the ocean in Rob Roy. I swear, Ami and I probably wore a hole in the VCR tape trying to see if we could see anything over the edge of the tv. I love a man in a skirt :) My friend George lives in a kilt when he is not at work. Makes his own too.

Man, my mind is in the gutter today...