December 5th, 2009


Been chill'n by the fire pit outside. First time we've been able to have a fire in a while because of all the rain. It's funny cause the dirt in the fire pit was still fairly wet and as it is drying it is steaming up. John had a big blaze going at one point. It's dying down now. We're just waiting on supper. I'm going out afterwards and he and Tara are hanging out at the house.

Been a good weekend so far. Bit of a rough start this morning, but got it ironed out. Went to dance practice for a couple hours around 10am, then went home cleaned the kitchen, picked up Matthew to go shopping for his mother's birthday and christmas. Made a pit stop at my friend Emad's house. He has been wanting me to stop by for a while now. Had a nice visit with him and his family. Mtthw got along great with his boys. Amal is very pretty. It's the first time I have seen her out of a hijab and burkha. Their house is very interesting. Very not-american from the style of furniture, to the fabrics covering things, to the the nic-nacs laying around. Emad re-designed part of the house, I guess to what he was more used to in Palestine. It is very interesting. The house is huge. I could fit my house twice in his. Also very clean, but then Amal stays at home. House work is never my first choice in Things to Do.

Well, the lemon pork chops turned out kind of funky. Eh.

Tomorrow, I have dance practice for about 4 hours, then we will celebrate Tara's birthday. One of the girls dropped out of the performance a week before the show - cold feet. She was one of the few that had the dances down pat. She insisted that she didn't know the routine. I just shook my head. I joined the troupe on a wild hair three weeks ago. I needed to dance and hadn't been able to make a class in several weeks. I showed up at troupe practice Sunday after Thanksgiving just wanting to be able to dance for a while. At the end, the instructor talked me in to joining the the beginners troupe. I'm just hoping I don't fall over and can more in the direction as everyone else. LOL. If we get some video that's not too embarrassing for me, I'll post it on youtube.

Tara wants to do something silly and fun for her birthday. She decided on a food fight. I grew up thinking food fights were bad things and things boys did in the cafeteria to aggrivate the teachers in middle school. Apparently, her parents decided as long as you didn't use messy food, it was okay. I think she is planning on marshmallows and jelly beans. Hope we find them all so the dogs don't get into them and get sick. Sippy got sick to her stomach the last time she had a jelly bean. LOL, well see. I'm sort of hesitant about the whole thing, but it's her birthday and your only 28 once or maybe she is turning 29. I'm not really sure. Guess I need to find out.

Well, smoochies. Ya'll have a good night, here.