October 20th, 2009

Rebranding America

This is a great article,...if only it were true. I had to read all the way to the end. I wasn’t sure if Bono was really in favor of Obama or only the image of the virtual Obama and what he, and America, could stand for.

I agree with the sentiments written. I think America could stand for this, but President Obama is certainly the wrong man for the job.  It is scary that people can't see him and what he stands for, that they buy into all the hype, and don’t look at who he actually IS putting in office. Very scary indeed.

My father, the die-hard democrat, who only votes for democrats (and voted for Obama), became disillusion with him 2 weeks after he took office. I had the chance to talk to a young man in the army yesterday who had nothing good to say about Obama at all. The funny part was that young man, a combat engineer, was being deployed to Afghanistan. He wasn’t upset about going, but very glad to be leaving the states and everything that is here, including the President. He apologized because the President is his Commander in Chief, but I reassured him that I didn't vote for him and did not contribute anything to this Obamanation.

I just hope he gets out of office without doing any permanent damage.

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