October 12th, 2009

Pimp'n Ain't Easy

Well, I found a home for Bob, the abandoned puppy Ariel brought home 3 weeks ago.  I made a big sign that said "Abandoned puppy needs a home," and on Sunday, went out to stand on the street corner between PetSmart, Wal-Mart, and Lowe's on Seigen Lane, pimp'n my puppy.

I washed him up good, brought him in the house for a while and gave him some love'n, then took him and his bone to stand on the corner. Lot's of nice people stopped to talk, several were interested, but no one wanted to commit to a puppy. About 2 hours, a sprinkle shower and much cold wind later, a lady stopped.

She had come in for the LSU/Florida game and was on her way home. She lives in N. Louisiana out in the country on a lake. Her dog is getting old and thought Bob might like to go live with her. I hope she give him a good home with lots of love. I miss him and worry about him, but we really couldn't keep him.  I miss the puppy love :(
I was amazed how hard it was a find something for him.  I'd been looking everywhere.  I'd called every rescue and pet adoption group in a 50 mile radius.  No one would take him.  I posted him on Facebook and made my friends feel guilty cause he was going to the pound.  I harrassed folks at work and their friends.  Well, I hope they do well together.