August 26th, 2009

All Better

Wow! Talk about being sick!

There has practically been plague at my house. I had a respiratory infection during the same time period that Ariel had swine flu and tonsillitis, then over the weekend, Matthew started running a fever but got over it.  John was finding it hard to locate an uncontaminated place to sleep.  Luckily for him, Chuck had just moved out to the dorm so his bed was availbale.

I've been sick for a good 10 days.  I tried to go to work yesterday and only managed a couple of hours.  I feel pretty good today and have hit the ground rolling.

Ariel is still sick, though.  She is over the flu, but the tonsillitis is still hanging on.  I'm really hoping that she doesn't have to have them out.  She is at the doctor today.

I'm looking forward to leaving the house and being social.