March 23rd, 2009

50000 of smut


We had the best pork loin for supper last night!!! We slow cooked it on the BBQ pit for about 3 hours.

John got the idea off of a cooking show he watches. We made pecan wood charcoal in the fire pit, and as the charcoal was ready, moved it to the BBQ pit to slow cook the meat. I must say I was really doubtful of this whole process. There just didn't seem to be enough heat being generated to cook 3 pounds of meat. But, it worked and worked well. On top of all that, John injected the pork with Creole Garlic Butter seasoning.

OMG!!! It was so tender and succulent and flavorful. It practically melted in your mouth. We had beans on the side (they had BBQ beans and I had black beans) and a wonderful salad made with spinach, leaf lettuce, cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, mushrooms and sweet peppers. Everything was supper yummy.

John is thinking we need to build a smallish fire box to make our own charcoal, though the fire pit process worked pretty well. Someone just needed to be aware of it and keep a fire going and moving coals over as necessary.

Next on our cooking agenda is slow cooked chicken then a brisquet.