February 24th, 2009

The Day of Presents

Today has been a wonderful day. It has been the Day of Presents. I've been kind of on edge for the last couple of weeks and hubby decided that I needed to de-stress. He said I could to it at home or leave and do it. I was welcome to stay and help in the bathroom if I wanted or I could do something else around the house, but I needed to unwind and take some me time. If I didn't decide to leave and I was still on edge come the middle of the day, he was kicking me out of the house to get some time to myself.

LOL so I called up my mother to see what she was doing today because we haven't been able to spend anytime together lately. I ran a couple of errands for hubby in the morning because he was baby-sitting Matthew and needed stuff for the bathroom project, then made plans for mom to come and get me about 12:30. I felt horribly guilty because I felt like I was leaving John when he really needed a helper, but he insisted that I go plus he didn't want me around all the tile dust he was creating as he ground up the morter off of the concret.

So, where do the presents come in? Well when I was leaving on my errands, John's father showed up. I thought to see the bathroom progress. When I got back from my errands, they were setting up a 32" flat screen t.v. It was John and I's birthday present. He was hoping to surprise us even more and had hoped that John was at work and Chuck could help him set it up. LOL.

Mom came to pick me up and badgered hubby one more time about what he wanted