February 16th, 2009

Bathroom Remodel - 1st weekend

Greetings All,

We are undertaking a couple of remodeling projects in the house, the first of which is remodeling the bathroom in me and John's bedroom.  We eventually want to sell the house and move out of the city, but the bathrooms have some of the funkiest, old ass, tiles like you wouldn't believe.  Our bathroom is powder/virgin mary blue and the front bathroom is sea foam green.  These colors include the walls, floors, toilets, sinks and tubs.  We put aside some of the insurance money from Gustav to go toward the remodel of the smallest bathroom.  We came in way under budget on the tile itself.  The sales man gave us a very good deal.  I think he was happy we came in with all our measurements and a game plan.  But, we came in over budget on supplies and tools.  We won't have the big tool over head when we go to do the other bathroom because the tools will have been bought.  When it came to deciding if it was cheaper to rent tools for two different remodels or to buy them out right, we went with buying them.  Hey, if you have to spend the money anyway to rent a tile saw and it cost the same to buy one, you might as well have something to show for it. 

Here are some pictures of the work in progress.  I didn't get a good picture of the start.  Tara took Friday off of work and got a head start on pulling down the existing wall paper and starting to bust up the wall tile.

We ran into some unexpected problems with the construction.  I seriously don't know what kind of crack this builder was on to set tile into 2 -3 inches of concrete.  We are going to wind up having to re-sheet rock the lower part of the walls and hang backer board behind the tub surround because it was all built out of wire and concrete. 

Tara and I handled the majority of the tear out with random help for heavy lifting.  AKA sherpas.

The Glowing Blue Bathroom            

Concrete and Wire 

Old ass wiring.  No wonder we have short problems.  We wound up having to replace one outlet while we were working.

Tara and Chuck Fearlessly Remove the Toilet 


Now where does it go?

Chief Inspector


No one is too young to be put to work

Yes, I did work too, but someone had to woman the camera.  I learned the fine art of working with different weight hammers, chisels and pry bars.  I scared Tara with my ability to knock down a wall in short order.

Random destruction.  The concrete that you are still seeing between the studs is the back of the wall of the other bathroom.  It was all we could do not to knock it out too.  We really wanted too. 

Playing with the reflection on the mirror

Doesn't look so bad now.  We had to keep stopping to shovel out rubble.  We really should have gotten a construction dumpster, but we didn't.


I'm sure you have all noticed the big ass blue tub by now.  It turned out to be a big ass, cast iron, blue tub that we were fairly certain had gotten concreted to the floor in the dumb ass builder's prodigious use of concrete.  That tub weighed several hundred pounds and required a very large dolly to move it.  I kept wondering why there was a hole in the wall in the front of the tub.  Turns out the hole is so the tub can be hooked up and stuff.  The hole also goes straight through to the other bathroom and the other tub.  I so wish we could do this all at one time.

Where the tub used to be

I found this weird, red hair, looking stuff in the rubble.  If I find a body in there, I'm not going to by happy.