December 5th, 2008

The 12 Days of LJ

I think I had 5 alternative lifestyles last year too. Damn, where do I keep them all. I hope I'm having fun.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, out_totheblack sent to me...
Twelve swords hiking
Eleven thunderstorms writing
Ten dragons a-camping
Nine castles bellydancing
Eight weapons a-gardening
Seven celts a-reading
Six mermaids a-fishing
Five alte-e-e-ernative lifestyles
Four wind chimes
Three douglas adams
Two rare books
...and an ireland in an archery.
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LJ New Years Resolution

Hey reddog and dade what you guys been up to? said James Marsters...

In 2008, out_totheblack resolves to...
Be nicer to reddogla.
Take evening classes in tool.
Admit my true feelings to dade342.
Put fifty james marsters a month into my savings account.
Get back in contact with some old douglas adams.
Cut down to ten epicurious a day.
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