October 10th, 2008

50000 of smut

1 against NaNo

Well, hubby was not at all pleased when I told him I wanted to do NaNo again.  It seems I turn bi polar or something for the month of November. 

According to him I can be happy, la la, writing away and ignoring everyone and everything or angry and kicking myself because I'm not writing and am procrastinating and have gotten very behind on my word count.

He also says, when I get stuck, I wander around bugging everyone for ideas, him especially.  Hey, I told him, you are the master ploter.  I suck at plot and why people do what they do.  He also said our social life goes down the drain.  We have a social life?  Apparently, he doesn't like it when I bring my lap top to coffee and sit there and write instead of talking to folks.


Tara said she could handle the household stuff.  As for if really do it will depend on whether or not I can get my lap top fixed.  The processor is burning up and they don't make that processor anymore. 

So, I don't know.  We'll see.