August 26th, 2008

The Dresden Files

I have become totally addicted to The Dresden Files by Jim Butcher. I really liked the series and was quite upset when Sci-Fi only produced one season - they're going to the special hell, along with Fox executives.

I finished the last published book, book 10, last week and I've already gone through all of the Dresden short stories I can find. Now I have to wait until April of 2009 for the next one - pout :( I really like his writing style.

Anyway, the books are way better than the series, which was pretty cool, especially the interaction between Harry and Bob. The audio books are coming out and JAMES MARSTERS is the reader! I could listen to him read the phonebook.

So, here for your viewing enjoyment, is an interview with Jim Butcher talking about his books. Notice his body language, very interesting.

This weekend, I tried getting into the fantasy series that he mentions, but it just wasn't happening. Since I do like his writing so much, I might give it another try.