July 17th, 2008

...And now from my favorite artist

 LOL who said you had to stop playing make belive when you become a grown-up, that's what anime conventions and Role Playing Games are for.

I misses my Ami (pronounce Ah-me).  She was supposed to stop in between anime conventions for old-home-week, but the demon, Gas-Price, killed that.  It has now become cheaper to fly cross country then to rent a car and drive.

If you have never gone to an anime convention, please do so, especially if you are a people watcher.  You only think you're weired...go to a convention.  That is where the real (insert adjective here) are, but it's a free country and I'm glad that there are places where folks can go to get their freek-on.

As you can see below, cosplayers and gamers have a lot in common....

The gamers...
(I'm the one with the silver/puple hair, and yes, at that time, my hair was purple)
BTW, Ami is the one with the red hair and yes, that's what her hair looks like too.

Never grow up.