June 18th, 2008

Do Computers Dream of Electric Sheep?

This is an awesome website  called Electric Sheep 

I'm thinking about down loading the program.  When the screen saver comes on, computers communicate with each other by the internet to share the work of creating morphing abstract animations known as "sheep". The result is a collective "android dream", an homage to Philip K. Dick's novel Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep?

Anyone watching one of these computers may vote for their favorite animations using the keyboard. The more popular sheep live longer and reproduce according to a genetic algorithm with mutation and cross-over. Hence the flock evolves to please its global audience. You can also design your own sheep and submit them to the gene pool. 

My current screen saver is a slide show of nebulas (is that nebuli?) and space dust.  It's totally awesome.  It's like looking at god (in technicolor).  

Here's one of space dust


I have recently become addicted to epicurious.com. My roommate, the x-cook, has gotten me hooked. I made a great dish last night and another is planned for tonight.

Epicurious has an RSS feed and is syndicated so I should be able to get it on LJ. I found the epicurious healthy recipe feed that I wanted and joined, but no can find. It says it last posted to LJ on June 12. There is nada for June 12 from epicurious.

BTW, in looking for this epi-post, I realized that you guys are, collectively, very chatty. God forbid I miss a day, which I frequently do.

So, if you like good food and menus planned out for the week, including a wine selection, check out www.epicurious.com

Backyard Fun (from about a month ago) ...

...so, I'm a little late. I've been meaning to post some of these pics of my roommate and a friend of hers fencing in the backyard but never got around to it. I was flipping through the photos on my camera the other day and found them. It was really cool because the scrolling turned the pics into a little mini-movie. 

No such luck here.

I have lots of pictures of them sparing, but I figured I'd bore you guys if I posted them all.  I still wound up with quite a lot.  Oh, well.

Collapse )

No SCA members were harmed in the taking of these pictures.
All captions supplied by the voices in my head.