February 28th, 2008

Bitch please

Amanda vs. the University - round 3

For those that don't know, I have been evicted from my excellent office space to make room for the Staff Senate. The offending Vice Provost that gave me my walking papers and two weeks to move during one of the busiest times this office has, offered me space in the 7th Layer of Hell, Kirby Smith, one of the most run down buildings on campus that they can't give space away in (and space is like gold around here)and is functionally not good for our program.

Enter my appeal to Arts and Sciences that This is Not a Good Idea, going to bat for me at that point is my director. This is round 1. The result of round 1 is that A&S really doesn't care. My department is so low on the totem pole, we don't even rate.

Round 2 - Making an appeal to another Vice Provost who is also a High Muckity Muck at LA. Sea Grant http://www.laseagrant.org) where I used to work. I haven't heard anything back from him so I guess that is a dead end. I also decided that if push came to shove, that I could bite the bullet and go to the Old Energy building which houses the classrooms for our ESL program. This is not optimal because I will be constantly bombarded with students (tolerable) and put into a daily power struggle with the head teacher who wants to micro manage how I run the office (not her job which I frequently tell her). But, Energy is a lot better than Kirby Smith.

Round 3 - My director and the head teacher go to Kirby to look at it and decide that it is not in bad enough shape to officially protest the move. So, if I want to appeal, I am more than welcome to, but he won't back me up on it. Gee thanks. That left me grabbing at straws this morning calling other departments to see if they might have any extra space they could share. Nada.

So, lets see:
I have my college that doesn't care
Two Vice Provosts that don't care
And a director that cares but isn't going to rock the boat

This is really not looking good.

Just talked to the head teacher who does not want me moving to the second floor of the Energy building. She and the director are trying to find the person who controls a wing on the first floor. The offices there are rarely, but are part of a grant for an ageing study. Hopefully,they might be willing to let us use a couple.