February 7th, 2008

Moccasippi Blues

During the summer we got a puppy, a little 7 week old black lab/german shepherd mix.  She is the cutest thing.  We named her Moccasippi because we got her at a coffee shop.  Her whole name is Moccasippi Delta Blue.  We call her 'Sippi or 'Sip-sip because if you are not careful she will sippi your drink, especially coffee. :) She looks just like a black lab and is 6 months old with lots of growing still to do.  I think she has a whole 2 brain cells which occasionally collide together.

It has been an experience, her growing from a little 5 pound tiny black thing scared of the dark to a 45 pound beast that takes over the bed at night.  Our biggest problem now is her chewing. If only we could keep her from chewing things up when she gets bored.  She has tons of rawhide bones, but household items are apparently much more interesting.  

She hadn't chewed anything up in a while so I didn't crate her when I went to work yesterday.  I came home to find she had gotten into the laundry room and the cat food.  The cat was most upset.  When I went to the bed room, she had a pile of dirty clothes, raw hide chews, a mass of tiny rubber bands, and bits of some sort of fur arranged in a nest on our bed. I was most upset. I have no idea where the rubber bands came from, though I vaguely remember buying them a long time ago and I couldn't figure out where the fur was from.  Then I remembered that one of my deer skin slippers had been on the bed. She had pulled part of the inside sole out and chewed it up.

She got put into her crate this morning.