January 16th, 2008

How Different Starfleet Commanders Handle High-Pressure Situations

 The situation: The Enterprise is under attack and various commanders have only enough time for one last order. How is this tense situation handled by different characters?

"Why, ya lily-livered poor excuse for a silly puddy potato head, I oughta blastya t'Ceti Alpha Six!"
"I'm a doctor, not a solider!"
"Reroute the phase inducers and heterodyne the frequency of the warp coil!"
"yopwaHHomwIj yISop, romuluSngan (Eat my shorts, Romulan)!"
(Raises eyebrow)
"Romulan commander! Your actions are most unnecessary and are not in keeping with the established treaties. May I advise you of the current political situation which threatens the very continuity of the principles involved. A corollary I might point out would be that of..."
"Shields UP! Red ALERT! Captain to the BRIDGE!"
"Open hailing frequencies so that I can cower and plead!"
"I feel, I feel, uhhhhh!"

...And Again...

No, not the Turks this time or lost tuition checks.  Boredum strikes.  I have actual work stuff I can be doing, I'm sure.  I just don't have any drive to.

I have a book that I need to finish writing.  I even have a dead line - January, which is now.  I could procrastinate on work and write . . ., but . . .I can't seem to get going.  Don't know why.

I was going to write last night.  It looked like coffee plans had fallen through so I was going to use the time to shut myself in the office and just write.  That was the plan anyway.  Then the coffee plans revitalized due to folks being unable to get of town because of traffic, so, we went to coffee.

So, now it is lunch time, my usual time to mess around on the computer, except that is all I've been doing all day already.

Maybe it's the rain.