January 10th, 2008

And it's only 9:30

Wow, so much in so little amount of time.

1. Get to work at my usual time, around 7:30am. One of my returning Vietnamese students came by the office to pay her tuition. The bursar's office won't open till 8am so I told her to leave the check with me and I would pay it. I went in the next room, which is connecting, to make a copy of her receipt to take to the bursar's office with me, came back in, talked to her a little, then she left.

I looked around for the check to put with the copied receipt and it was gone. Okay, so, maybe I took it with me to the next room. Not there. I proceeded to ransack my two rooms. Nada. I called the student on her new phone number to see if she had taken it with her. It was the wrong number. Okay. I waited till 8:30, walked over to the class rooms to talk to her which was nigh to impossible. She speaks very little English and I don't speak any Vietnamese. She didn't understand what I needed. We did a cursory check of her wallet which didn't turn up anything. We are going to get another Vietnamese student to try and help translate, but he doesn't understand much English either. I'm probably going to have to call her host family so they can stop payment on the check

2. I put a student in a section we don't have so we didn't know which level class he was supposed to be in. The list with everyone's levels according to test scores had gotten thrown away the day before. I thought I remembered which level he was in, but wasn't 100% sure. Luckily, on his record in the database, I had entered his test score so we were able to determine his level.

3. A new teacher of ours calls in freaking out. He over slept and was on his way in 2 hours late. He has been having trouble with insomnia and hasn't slept in 2 days. He apparently tried to take a nap for a half-hour this morning and slept through his alarm clock. He is totally freaking out and the head instructor isn't very happy with the situation.

4. The Vietnamese student's booksack has now been thoroughly ransacked and the tuition check is nowhere to be found. I have no idea where it is. This totally sucks.