October 10th, 2007


I am so tired of being sick.

Me and my daughter have had a stomach virus/bug all week. Hubby has it to a small extent. It started out as dizzy, wobbley, nauscious. I thought my inner-ear was going out. Then the stomach pains started and the running to the bathroom all day. My daughter has been throwing up, but I have managed to avoid that.

It has finally settled down to gurgles, occasional aliens trying to escape, slight nausia and running to the bathroom.

I know. I know. TMI.

Stupid Political Correctness

I had a lunch meeting workshop today across campus. I didn't want to loose my parking spot by driving, parking in a good spot is hard to come by. I get to work at the butt-crack of dawn to assure it.

My meeting was about a 15 minute walk away, not very far, but I didn't really want to arrive sweaty. I called Arts & Sciences to see if anyone from there was driving. They were hoping to have the department van back in time to use it and said they would call me. About 15 minutes before the meeting, I hadn't heard from them so I decided to start walking.

I made it about half way when the A&S van pulls in alongside me. I'm laughing, because it is kind of funny and I want to be funny with the situation, so I stick out my thumb. When they open the door, I start to say, "hey, can you give a sister a ride," but I realized that two of the ladies in there are black and I didn't know if they would take it amiss. Luckily I caught myself at the last minute and changed it to "can you give a lady a ride."

Political Correctness has taken all the fun out of life. They probably would not have taken it wrong, but it was not something I wanted to chance. I have too many instances of open mouth insert foot.

Just remember, the constitution does not guarantee us the right not to be insulted.

Shopping in the Closet of Mom

I went to my mother's house yesterday to pick up soup (Yay, one more night of not having to cook supper!). While I was there, she remembered a top that she wanted to give me that was too tight across her boobs (I don't have that problem). It was a cute shirt, passible, but not one I would have bought for myself.

Then she starts rooting around pulling this out that doesn't fit her and that outh that doesn't fit her. We both have the problem of going up and down in weight. During the summer I had given her two of my favorite pairs of pants that had gotten too big for me. The cool thing is, they were already a size down from what I had been wearing a couple of months before, still I was sad to see them go.

Right now, most of the stuff in her closet is too small, and lucky me, some of it is my size. So I walked away with a garbage bag of expensive cool clothes from Chico's and Coldwater Creek.

I felt bad, but she says better I wear it then let it hang there and not get worn.