September 28th, 2007

Cajun Beer Goggles

Marie go to Boudreaux and say, "Boudreaux, you buyin' too much dat der beer."

Nah, Boudreaux say, I jus' buy it couple, three times a week.

"Boudreaux, you spendin' too much money on dat beer," say Marie.

"Let me see dat der checkbook, cher," say Boudreaux.

"Look here, he say, las' week you go to Walmart and buy a dress, den over da weeken' you bough' some lip shine, an' jus' dis week you done got your hair done."

"Boudreaux," say Marie, "I did all dat so I would look good for you."

"Aww, ma cherie," say Boudreaux, "what you think da beer for???"