August 24th, 2007

The Japanese Tradition

LOL, from my friend Derek, now back from Japan. He brought me a wonderful golden Buddha.

These are his favorite guys, the Ramens, "Let's learn about Japanese tradition the fun way!" Apparently, they have a whole series out. Take it all with a drop of soysauce though; it is a bit over the top. His Japanese friends warned him to not try a lot of this in public.

And the salt is to keep away evil spirits.

All Alone

I am going to be mostly alone this weekend. Hubby, pop-in-law, and the girl-child are going fishing in Grand Isle. That leaves me and the boy who is going to be gone most of the time, which leaves me mostly alone from tonight to Sunday.

I'm not going to know what to do. I am always around people. I like to be alone, like at work, but there are folks just down the hall if I really want to talk to someone. But at home, there is always someone there. Being alone at home leaves me sort of panicy even though I some times want space from them. What a quandry.