June 8th, 2007

Poetic Medicine

Check out this journal.  My friend Paula is the editor.  Especially read the editors column and the poems that she wrote.  She is a great writer and has helped my writing a lot.

Hello all,
Poetic Medicine: A Journal of Healing is now online as a PDF.
The print version will be published this coming week, and I will make sure you get a copy.
This is all very exciting to me, and I know you share in that excitement and wonder at having an entirely new magazine now created!
Click here:
Thank you, all, for your interest and support these last few months as I have worked with John Fox, CPT, founder of The Institute for Poetic Medicine, and Valerie Knight, graphic designer, to get this journal created.
I particularly want to recognize John for his vision in believing in poetry as a healing art, and in inviting me to be a part of this work, and Valerie for taking the words of the writers in the journal and creating such a beautiful publication.
And to say a HUGE thank you to each of you as you listened to me in the wee hours when I was on deadline, and as you offered suggestions, made me copious cups of tea, brought me chocolate, and were my loving friends and family...

I am a leaf in the wind,
     watch how I soar.

~ Wash