February 26th, 2007

Crimson and Crystal

I'm feeling sort of maudline today and that always gets me thinking about an old Amber character of mine, Dulcinea di Medicci. I found this song awhile back by Julia Ecklar called Crimson and Crystal that is so descriptive of Dulci. The Lady Death icon I use as her encarcation as the Death Wraith . . . that's what I like about Amber, as long as you are willing to accept the royal screwing that comes with too much Bad Stuff, and are willing to spend the points to buy it, you can do about anything, though the Death Wraith was something inflicted upon me by the GM.

I have been having a lot of thought of Amber lately. A friend of mine wants to play in an Amber campaign, she's never played in one before, and it has been forever since I have played in anything. I have been talking to hubby about running an Amber game, but he is dragging his feet. It might turn out that I will have to run one myself and start up a previous game of mine. I always tend to bite off more than I can chew, running wise. I wind up with these massive games because I just can't say no to anyone. If I do wind up running this game, it will be hubby, the friend that wants to play, one or two other folks I hope I can scare up, and an EPC (because she was in the original game and now lives in Ohio where folks apparently don't game and because she is my general cohort in crime).

I think the lack of gaming is starting to tell. I need a creative outlet.