February 21st, 2007

The Way You Live

The way you live

By sincerely admiring beauty, you become more beautiful. When you truly appreciate the creative work of others, your own creativity grows stronger.

Act with respect toward others, and you'll develop a deeper respect for yourself and your own possibilities. Be generous with those around you, and you'll find that life is more generous with you.

Spend time in peaceful surroundings, and you'll continue to carry that peace within you. Listen to the words of someone who is filled with positive passion, and that passion will find a place in you as well.

The way you live can have a great influence on the way you are. You carry within you lasting echoes of the people, things, places and experiences to which you have been exposed.

The choices you make in this moment can affect your life long after this day has passed. So fill this moment with beauty, love, friendship, accomplishment, admiration and passion.

Put yourself in situations where the goodness of life will be able to accumulate within you. And as that goodness grows, life's richness will grow along with it.

-- Ralph Marston