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My goal for today is to catch up on the writing that hasn't gotten down this week.  I'm not really expecting to be able to cover all 5,000 words today, but miracles do happen.

My thought is to write for an hour with no distraction from the shiny internetz, then take about a 15 minute break doing something else.  Maybe the internetz or something around the house, then write for an hour, etc . . .

It's just me and the baby-boy today (He is getting over a cold).  John and Kate are hunting.  Well, he is hunting; she is watching to decide if she wants to start hunting.  The only hunting I want to do is with my camera.  He promised to take me out another time and set me up in a location with my camera.  I really want a zoom lens for that occasion, but one is not going to magically fall out of the sky and I can't afford one.  Maybe my aunt has one.

I think I'm loosing focus already.  It's nap time.  I've been up since 4:30am.  After that I'll focus.

Really.  I will. Promise. . . I really need some new icons . . .
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