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Update and Stuff

Didn't add anything new this weekend, just edited a bit.  I wound up not cutting as much as I thought I was going to.  Looks like I only lost about 500 words, not too bad.

We spent Sunday at the archery range.  Hubby was sighting in his bow for hunting and I was teaching Matthew (age 7) to shoot.  Playing about with Matthew's bow really made me want to start shooting again.  I was hitting the bulls eye about half of my shots.  Pretty good for not shooting since high school which was much longer ago than I like to remember. ;)

Back on more meds.  The fungal infection in my sinuses is still hanging on.  The magic mushrooms in my nose are still playing merry havoc with my head.

I have updated the slider bar with my new projected word count.  I'm not feeling near as accomplished as when the projected word count was 20,000.  But, hey.  I guess 5,000 words a week isn't too bad.

7,206 / 50,000
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