out_totheblack (out_totheblack) wrote,

Anti-Nano Update

I had this nice little idea for a short story which I jotted down.  Over the last two days, this being the third, I've managed to write about 1k in outline.  This short-ish story may turn out longer than I originally intended, but I'm trying to keep it much shorter than regular novel length.

I also decided I really wanted to start learning about story structure and would let this be my test subject. Story structure is, I think, the piece I've been missing.  Already, this WIP is turning into something better because I can see where I need to plug in pieces.  I've always had trouble "connecting the dots."  I could see the beginning and the end, but always got lost going from one to the other. LOL, so my borrowed lap-top has been getting a work out the last couple of days.
Tags: anti-nano, storyboards, writing

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