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Art Melt

Here are a few pictures from the Art Melt.  It was a lot of fun and very hot.  We did surely melt.  About six of us went to my father's house to get ready.  We had a great time.  The guys went outside to play cards and the women had the house.  Juliette, my father's wife, said it was more fun than getting ready for a horse show.  I did notice a lot of similarities, all the primping, painting, and doing of hair. 

I was totally impressed with the make-up some of the girls had - full theatre kits.  I fixed hair, Katie and Bambi did make-up.  I had my first experience with fashion tape.  And speaking of tape, to do the eye make-up, Katie put tape under our lower lid, built the eye make-up from there then pulled the tape off.  This gave a great, sharp line to the make-up.  Totally cool.




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