out_totheblack (out_totheblack) wrote,

Bored now.

It has been a hectic day at work. It was hectic yesterday too. I missed a meeting today because the alarm on my blasted phone didn't go off. Luckily, it was not a very important meeting and something which could be rescheduled. I have two more meeting this week. I hope I remember these, especially the one on Friday. Once I get to work, I start working, and everything else just goes out of my head - including appointments.

Also, the mainframe hates me, though it turns out today that the F Lock key on my keyboard just wasn't pushed in. Boy did I feel silly and I wasn't about to tell the IT help desk person what I had just figured out. I DID call for a real reason - I stuck the mainframe. I am always getting it locked up - today it was because of the F Lock.
Tags: life, sad but true

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