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Rambly Thursday

Greetings All,

I have so much rolling around in my head that I want to put out in LJ land, but it never seems to quite trickle down to my fingers. It's always, "Oh, I'll do it later," then other things happen and, . . . well, you know . . .

Let's see first topic: 

The hammer drill (small jack hammer) we had to use to get up the floor in the bathroom is pretty rough going.  It takes all your body strength to brace for it.  I noticed that the force and vibration from holding and using the drill loosened up my right rotator cuff.  The shoulder has been getting quite stuck, causing pain and limited range of motion.  LOL, the hammer drill loosened it right up.  I was very excited, but Tara told me I couldn't take out the floor in the other bathroom just because it made my shoulder feel better.  Pout.

Unfortunately, a week later, the rotator cuff is freezing up again.  I'm going to have to start weight lifting again real soon.  Weights are the only things that help my rotator cuffs not hurt.  As soon as the bathroom is finished, the weight room will be useable again.  We are using it for storage.


Dinner with Students
Last week, me, John, Tara, and Matthew went to dinner with two of my student workers and a couple of students.  An old student, Yi Chien (who goes by Louis), had come to visit and go to Mardi Gras.  In celebration, me and Derek (student worker) wanted to go eat at Nagoya's, an awesome sushi buffet restaurant.  We gathered up his roommate, my hubby and our roommate, and another student worker.  We had quite the international community with a student from Taiwan, Libya (did you know the "y" moves in the spelling depending on if you are from Libya or not), and Venezuela, Derek from Tennessee and Tara from Kentucky (which may as well be foreign countries).

Also enter a birthday party comprised of strippers, a bouncer, and a cop.  They had arrived before my students and we laughed every time more of them showed up.  We kept laughing and snickering and eventually got around to telling the students what we were laughing about.  The Libyan student turned red, then started smiling.  He got up real quick to go get a refill.  We thought, though, that he was going to go in the side room with the birthday party because he was walking by it real slow and leering in.

We had a great time.  Matthew and Derek hit if off real well.  I think they were on the same wave length, lol.  I'm going to miss Derek when he graduates in May.  He is my right hand and has been with me for two years.

When we got in the car, John and Tara started laughing at me.  It turns out that when I am dealing with the students I get "matronly and gently authoritative."  Yeah, right.  I got your matronly.  It also seems that my accent changes a bit depending on who I'm talking to and what country they are from.  I can copy accents real well, especially Chinese for some odd reason.  I just wish I could remember the words in the language as easily.  I do well enough to remember English.  I just didn't realize I was copying accents unconsciously


Survival of the Fattest
I have decided that I have the slowest metabolism in the world.  On Weight Watchers, you get so many points per day for food.  The points are really quite reasonable as long as you eat healthy.  In addition to your daily points, you get an extra weekly spending account for those times when you feel like you need to splurge a little.  On top of that, if you still blow through everything, any exercise that you get gives you back more points which you can use toward food. 

None of that works for me.  My body is quite adaptive.  If I go over my daily point allowance, I either gain weight or loose nothing, no matter the amount of my exercise.  There was a week where I accumulated 54 points worth of exercise (ie) brisk walking for 30 minutes is 2 points.  Exercise bike for 20 minutes is 1 point.  During the first weekend of the bathroom demo, I needed some solid food because of all the energy I was expending.  I had a real hamburger both Saturday and Sunday.  I went over my daily points by 10 each day.   I gained 3 pounds.   If there was a famine, I would be the last person to die.

I did have an experience this morning, though, with not eating enough the day before.  I woke up feeling really not well: no energy, lethargic, dragging, all in all feeling really crappy.  I drug around for a while, took a shower, got dressed and eventually started feeling half-way decent.  When I started thinking about breakfast, I realized what the matter was - not enough food the day before.  If you exercise, and don't eat enough, you know what I'm talking about. 

Completely without me trying to plan it, I'd wound up with a whole meals worth of points left over at the end of yesterday.  I hadn't scrimped on my food, everything just happened to have a low point value: breakfast was 2 eggs and bread, coffee with creamer, lunch was a really big turkey sandwich, I had an apple for a snack, when I got home, Benny & Jerry's frozen yogurt.  Supper was completely awesome: pork loin smothered in a white wine onion sauce, shrimp, green beans, rice cooked with pecans - all in reasonable proportions.  When I went to figure up my points, I still had 5.5 left.  I was stuffed and really didn't feel like forcing myself to eat more.

So, I didn't, which left me feeling craptacular this morning.  LOL, don't think I will do that too many more times.

I'm really excited that I've lost almost 10 pounds.  It would be totally awesome if I was down the whole 10 by


Saturday which is my weigh in day, and also my birthday.  I have 1.5 to go.  Not bad for my first month.

Quick update.  The bathroom floor is up and the old mortor is gound off thanks to John who spent his Mardi Gras day off doing it.  Next we put in the new tub, then hang the sheet rock.  I have some pictures, but I will have to post them later.

And, I still need to tell you about the Day of Presents!

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