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Adventures in Living

Well, not much adventuring, but it's a weekend in a life.

Let's see. Ariel wants to get her belly button pierced. So I've been trying to get that handled. The first time we went on Saturday, we found out because she is a minor, I had to bring her birth certificate and the marriage license to prove that I was legal to let her get her piercing. We went back Sunday evening after she got off of work and come to find out, she had left her ID in a guy friend's car Saturday along with her purse. And they won't pierce her without proof of who she is. She texted the guy to see if he could bring out her purse. He was working on his truck, but could be there in 30 minutes. So we waited 30. Then he texts and says it is going to be another 20. Yeah Right. I told Ariel to find out where he was and if he had even left yet. She texted him, we gave him a few minuts to respond, but no answer so we left. About 30 minutes later he texts back wanting to know if we are still there waiting on him.

Needless to say, Ariel was very upset about not being able to get her piercing. She had been dieing to get it and earned the money to do it and everything. We had even planned on me getting mine done at the same time. Then her birth-mother, the FELB, starts running a guild trip on her about it, telling her how bad it is going to hurt and how SHE should be the one to take her because that is something mother's do with their daughters, blah, blah, blah. I'm happy to say, that Ariel isn't buying her shit anymore and had a few choice things to say about it. I'm going to take her this evening after work to get it done.

The cold is making bed in the morning even more inviting because it is so snugly warm. I didn't get up and work out this morning. It was bed, exercise, bed, exercize, bed. I didn't go back to sleep, but it was nice to bundle up in all the blankets and pillows. So, to make up for it, this evening I'll either go roller-blading (if their is enough light when I get home - doubtful) or I'll his the exercize bike. I've decided to to aerobics three times a week and lift two times a week. I think that is going to work out nicely. I don't have time to do both in the morning before work.

I went to the thrift store on Saturday to look for pants. I tried on 20 pairs of jeans and came out with 3. I'm hard to fit because I'm so short. I have to have a 14 petit to even think about something fitting, then depending on the brand, find out if it will actually fit or not. I discovered that I have a size 12 ass and a size 14 waist, lol. Well, at least that's something. Last year it was a size 18 everything. I haven't lost much weight in the last 2 months. I'm stuck at 8 lbs, but everything is shrinking up, hence the size 12 ass and legs. 
I've been trying to find things to do to get me out of the house and more involved in life. I've been trying to find the Turkish Cultural Center because they have free conversational Turkish and Turkish cooking lessons. But, I haven't had much success. First someone from there was supposed to call me, which never happened.  They I got the address from one of my Turkish students, then I lost it. But I did find it when I came to work this morning, so YAY.  I hope there is something going on there and I'm just not building it up in my head for nothing.

I really want to start belly dancing again, but can't afford classes. I might have to get over myself and try and practice at home, where I have no idea. We are trying to go to an SCA event at the beginning of December because a friend of Tara's is getting her Laurel. There will be a hafla on Saturday night and I would like to dance a bit without embarrassing myself. 

On Saturday night we had company over and made Moorish Meatballs which were supper yummy, Lemon Mint couscous which came out really nice, and I finally got to play with my new baking stone. I made sun-dried tomato bread and experimented with a new crust making process which involved creating a lot of steam in the over at the beginning of the baking. It was awesome! The crust came out beautifully, thin and chewing with a supper soft inside. I can't wait bake some more.  My mother said that it tasted like someone had cooked spagetti sauce into the bread.  I was really worried when I was making it because the recipe called for a lot of onions.  The darn dough almost didn't want to need because of all the onions in it. But boy-oh-boy.  It turned out really good!!  I also realized Saturday night, that since I have a baking stone now, I can make nan. Yay!! Nan.
Okay, I guess that's about all the adventure I'm listing here. Keep your fingers crossed that there is no more excitement with Ariel's piercing.
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