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Well, it looks like I won't be doing NaNo this year for two reasons.

1)  Hubby wasn't too in favor of it (which I was going to ignore).  But, I finally decided it was going to be one more stresser that we don't really need right now.  If my life wasn't already stressed to the max, I'd have done it and the family would just have to live with me being bi-polar for a month.  I guess I'll save the room for real-life stress - like teenage daughter having a melt down this morning and me having a melt down a bit earlier.

2) My lab lap top is dying.  The processor is on it's last leg and I couldn't get the screen to come up this morning.  They don't make the processor for this Dell anymore a computer guy told me.  I'm going to call another computer guy and see what he says, but I wouldn't be suprised if I just wound up pulling the hard drive and the RAM and tossing the rest of it. 
Tags: life, nano, sad but true, writing

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